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Profit and Loss fpr Bank Exams Basic - Concepts and Formula (in Hindi)
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In this Course educator explains complete explanation of profit and loss with smart tricks to solve in minimum time. Profit and loss is very important topic for bank exams, SSC, LIC AAO, NIACL, Railway and other competitive exams.

Anupama Rani
Unacademy Verified And Plus Educator ,M.Sc (IT), 1 year experience of teaching in a college | Youtube Channel "Smart Study Tutorials"

Unacademy user
Ma'am is this a complete course of profit and loss???
Anupama Rani
3 months ago
Yes this is complete course
Ma'am I love your way of teaching, I'm very grateful to you for your help 😊
if 20% from Apple from a cart are rotten and remaining are sold at 20%discount then seller gets 92% profit on cost price of the whole what percent price of the cart out its cost price?
Anupama Rani
7 months ago
I dont understand last line of Question.. please recheck last line and then tell me
Diptimayee sahu
7 months ago
by what percent price of the cart marked over its cost price?
Thanks. 🙏 🙏 🙏
Anupama Rani
7 months ago
Most welcome.. keep following.. keep learning
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