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Profit and Loss for SSC CGL: Part 8 (in Hindi)
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Profit and Loss for SSC CGL

Suyash Goyal
Engineer by Profession || Teacher by heart for the last 6 years || In love with Mathematics and English || 92% in 12th || 94% in 10th || Pub

Unacademy user
upload the videos of the 3rd august
  1. .B. Tech Love public speaking Rate, Review g Recommend .Follow me on: Comment box below welcomes all your questions


  3. cp=(527 t99) 617 too Hence, SPs (6'74 617 678.7 Queston-ty: A shopkeeper sell enas . Kad he sold t fok 150 moxe then he CDS Solufan: 9% toss a1

  4. OuesHan-15 : A shopkeeper selu hit goods +7% pkofit. Had he sold it for Y248 moko. than he would gain 13 % p. Find initial Sofutfon: 13%p 113 708 OP V 70800

  5. duetan-I A shopkeepers jelii his qoadi and sold it 18 less then he would gain solutfan: cr = too

  6. duetfonym n man sold his gondg at 10% Proft Had he Purshaued t fok o. ?ess cud sald it- foc- * 0 moee then he would g in solut{on: CP * loo t p New sp 112

  7. Had he peehaied it fok * 4o0 less and sold it fok q00 lets then he wauld gaim 5% more profit. Find the initial cr 30% 30 -3 lo 1350 5 900