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Profit and Loss for SSC CGL: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Profit and Loss for SSC CGL

Suyash Goyal
Engineer by Profession || Teacher by heart for the last 6 years || In love with Mathematics and English || 92% in 12th || 94% in 10th || Pub

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  1. .B. Tech Love public speaking Rate, Review g Recommend .Follow me on: Comment box below welcomes all your questions


  3. Loss % 1 MP

  4. aesen- find the cos pric*. of an avct. which C2. O is sold at 630 at Pofit of '2.5%. soluton: 12.5 1105 sojufom:la-5/ - 15 8 ep 70 So, cp t (8 X 70) 560

  5. Questfon- Find the cP of ain e which * sold at ly70 at a pkofit of 16 %. 2 sofution: 3 3 6 sp 7-1470 Now,cp COuesHor-3: A shopteeper sella his aveHle at 16 p on sp. find hk aet ual, profit- 3 50 Solulfan 6

  6. CP=5 duestionHt A man sells his good ar 5%pass an SP. Ffnd hrs loss '/-. OSS on:.25% .25

  7. auestfan-5: cost Prfte ual fo seling Pie. o loss %. So uHon 7 7 Ouestion-6: A man find that cPof aTSo adile

  8. s 250o 2750 SP (s dvestfan-7 cost Pice of la aefdes is ejual to SP of aetteu. while the diseauut en lo aeteles is equal fo the. phofit eaien on 5 aeHcles . Find the differenoe. between P/. and 2 SP

  9. D CP. SP MP 4.S 3 (Py - Dy)- (-33-") duestan 8: cP ofa avettles is equal to P of the D an 8 aefidei is q JHele while. equal to P an 6 axHiles. find fhe differenxe. between Py, and D%. Solulian: CP 3