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Problems On Dilution (in Hindi)
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Problems related to dilution and different concepts for different types of solution.

Durga Singh Solanki
#Sr. faculty working in Kota #Ex-principal B.ed

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Mam, the can we say that the organisms undergoing true regeneraion are immortal?
Juhi Mishra
7 months ago
Yes just like fission
  1. molah HC Soltion . Calculat inal Mof solution TEE Min 2013 Sol: no. or mole R. no. of moles AD CnAD) Ao)= 2Sox 2- = 0.875 mola) A ND

  2. Q. 300ml of 0.2 molar NaCl solution, 500ml of 0.3 molar MgCl2 solution, 800ml of 0.3molar AICIa solution and 2 ltr. water are mixed together. Determine concentration of Cl ion in the final solution. Also calculate concentration of each cation in the solution. 3600

  3. LMg 36o0 24 600 LAl+3 =

  4. Q. How many ml of 0.5 molar Ba(OH)2 solution should be mixed with 400ml of 0.3 molar NaOHH solution such that, final concentration of OH is 0.6 molar Sol: . 0.