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Equivalent Concept (in Hindi)
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Examples based on old defination of Equivalent weight. A new word is derrived and it is 'n' factor or valence factor.

Durga Singh Solanki
#Sr. faculty working in Kota #Ex-principal B.ed

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  1. S sluuh Salt Method EWR- Coo- w. of Electro . Jris Method : t9wv

  2. 32 29 6s.

  3. S3 9 A 3S.5a above examples it is weig Js dj vided by a number knowon as (n' factor ( C that otomic thatmo. is

  4. Calcwate of facto: (n' factor (3 the weight of I mole of substance Rence OT factor for nole of I S Subs tamoe

  5. acil RA nce n factor of q sile substance wil be diffotent fer diffurent teacbion / of the substance is a vaable uandtity

  6. Basicity :- mole ac (ji) No. of r ion taken up by I wale of acid by mole c rMacic Basici

  7. A=3 E=3 E=m -2 A-2 A= 2 3