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Problems on Calculation of CI (in Hindi)
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This lessons applies the method which was discussed in the previous lesson to caluculate principal, amount and CI.

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  1. PROBLEMS ON CI In this lesson we will deal with the problems on which we have to calculate either Cl or Amount We have just decide which method is suited for the calculation of the following questions. . Lets go on to the questions and decide which method we should apply.

  2. Q1. What will be the amount generated I get when Rs.16000 is lent at rate of 5% for 3 years compounded annually? we can solve this by two methods easily OR5% = so P= 20 and A= 21 20 for 3 years then 2 20 X-20 20 21 21 21 4 12.6 1 I G,oD+ 2522Rs, 16,000 Rs, 18522 o 126 18522

  3. Q2. Rs.8000 is lent at the rate of 4% pa compounded annually? What will be interest and the amount after 2 years? So we saw that 4% is given for 2 years . So we applied the shortest method because the rate is low and if for two years 4x4 100 Now we compare 100% = Rs.8000 So 8.16%= Rs. 652.8 so ci = Rs.652.8 and A= P+Cl= 8000+652.8= Rs.8652 8

  4. Q3.What will be the Cl on Rs.2000 in 1.5 years compounded half yearly at rate of 10% pa? So here it is given that it compounded half yearly New rate = 5% = NOW and new time = 3 years 20 PRINCIPAL AMOUNT 20 20 20 8000 21 21 21 9261 Now Cl= 9261-8000-1261 units And 8000: Rs.2000, so 1 unit= Rs._ Thus CI = 1261 -= Rs.315.25 4

  5. Q4. A loan becomes Rs. 650 at the end of 1st year and Rs.676 after 2nd year. What is the amount of the loan? Now P1 P2 P3 650 676 In Cithe amount of the previous year is the principal of the next year 676 So-00 the ratio in which the amount increases. 650 26 25 Thus P 650 , thus P= Rs.625

  6. Q5. The difference between CI and SI on Rs.2500 for 2 years at 4% pa is: We know that SI for 2 years= 4x2=8% 4x4 And Cl for two years = (4+4 + )-8.16% 100 so difference = 8.16-8 = .16% Now 100% = Rs.2500 So .16% =Rs.4

  7. Q2. The difference between SI and CI on a sum of money for 2 years at 10% pa is Rs.65. What is the sum? We know that SI for 2 years = 2x10-20% Cl for two years- (10+10+ 10010) = 21% 100 Difference b/w CI and SI= 1% 196-Rs.65 So 100% = Rs.6500