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Calculation of Rates in CI (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we learnt how to calculate the rate in the given question.

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  1. PROBLEMS ON CALCULATION OF RATE Rate can be calculated with any of the methods that suits the question. Some time we have to follow a certain method in order to calculate the rate. . Lets get started with the questions and will see what methods suits to find the rate.

  2. Q1. The Cl on certain money at for 2years is Rs.40.80 and the simple interest is Rs.40 .What is rate? SO we are given Cl= Rs.40.80 SI- Rs.40 Difference b/w CI and SI = Rs.80 SI of 1 year = Rs.20 We get .8 on 20 ,so rate = 100 = 4% 20

  3. Q2.What will be rate of interest when Rs.8000 become Rs.9261 in 3 years? First notice the years 3 years Now VA both the amounts and take the ratio of P= /8000 = 20 A= 39261-21 , Interest-A-P = 21-20-1 on P= 20 so rate =- 100 = 5% 20

  4. Q3. The difference b/w Cl and SI for 2 years on the sum of Rs.1000 at certain rate is Rs.10 .What is the rate of interest pa? We know that difference b/w CI and SI =(r2/100)% So P(r*)/1002 = 10 Now, 1000x r2/1002-10 r= 10%

  5. Q4.The difference b/w 2nd year Cl and Sl and 3rd Cl and SI is in ratio of 8:25. Find the rate of interest? We know that 2nd year Cl and SI = b and 3rd year Cl and S-3b+c b= 8 units so 3b-c= 3 b +c= 25 units Now c= 25-3 8 = 25-24 = !units Now rate- 100 = 12.5% 8

  6. Q5. A principal becomes Rs.16000 in 2yr. and Rs.18522 in 5 yr. Find the rate of interest. Now difference of years = 3 years A2 =Rs.16000 and As Rs.18522 Now A5/A3-16000 = 8000 A5/4 = 18522-9261 = 39261/V8000- 21 20 Interest = 100 = 5% 20