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Prime Minister (in Hindi)
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In this video I discussed about prime minister

Varsha Sharma
Diploma in Computer Science from S. B. T. E Board, B.TECH in Computer Science from M.D.U Rohtak. love to teach, preparing for ssc exam.

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Tha k you sooo much sir

  2. - Leader of the executive of the Government of India. - Chief advisor to the President of India and head of the council of ministers. Can b amber of both house-Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha but having a majority of the Lok Sabha -Narender Modi is the PM of Indic He can select or deselect member of cabinets, allocates post to members within the government and chairperson of the cabinet. - The PM shall be appointed by the President and other Ministers shall be appointed by the President on the advice of the PM

  3. APPOINTMENT, TENURE AND REMOVAL A PM must be: - Be a citizen of India. - Be a member of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha - Be above 25 yrs of age if they are member of Lok Sabha or above 30 if they are member of the Rajya Sabha. OATH Is required to make or subscribe in the presence of President Tenure & Removal - Remain in office so long as the president has confidence on him/her. - A prim minister can end before the end of Lok Sabha's term, if majority of its member no longer have confidence in him is called vot-of-no-confidence.

  4. Power & Function Powerful functionary the Union Government. Head of the council of ministers. Distribute portfolios among change whenever he desires. - Drop a Minister and ask him resignation also. Head of the Cabinet, I influences the decision of the Cabinet. -Serves as a link between the President and the Cabinet. Important decision are made by the President on the advice of the prime -Leader of the nation. - All international agreements and treaties with other countries are done with the Minister. consent of the PM.

  5. Emoluments of the Prime Minister Salary and allowances are determined by the Parliament. Receives a salary and allowances that are payable to a member of Parliament. - Relieves sumptuary allowance, free accommodation, travel allowance, medical facilities