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Previous year questions (Part-2) (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, Deepak has solved some previous year Gate questions on topics of reasoning and aptitude covered up till now.

Deepak poonia
I am an electronics engineer | 3 yrs teaching experience

Unacademy user
7 months ago
Most welcome
सर क्या upsc मे mains exam के लिए जो सब्जेक्ट लिया जाता है वो ग्रैजुएशन करते समय होना अनिवार्य है...? जैसे कोई कैंडिडेट history से graduate है तो क्या वो philosophy Ya political science कहने का मतलब है कि जो subject से graduate नहीं क्या वो subject mains के लिए ले सकता है
Mere friend ka question hai
  1. easoning an Aptitude Presented by Deepak Chaudhary

  2. About me Engineering in Electronics and Communication . Got selected in 5 PSUs Qualified GATE twice . GATE 2015-99.9 Percentile Rate and Review . Comment and share Interests - Cricket, Squash, Sudoku, Cyeling You can follow me at htps:/

  3. Course Wame Course Link 1. (HIndi) Probability And Distribution: GATE (ME) di-probability-gate-me/4ISR2Cz9 (Hindi Matrix For GATE/ESE https:/ course/hin di-matrix-for-gate-and- ese/BJMZWRR1 3. (HIndi) Analog Communication System di-analog-communication- system/QFQ40X3W 4. (Hlndi) Zener Diode and its Applications for GATE Examination https:l/ di-zener-diode-and-its- applications/BANMWLNO

  4. Course Name Course Link 5. (HIndi) Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) Basics and its Operations for GATE (ECE) -bipolar-junction-transistor-basics- and-its-operations-for-gate- examination/SXF6N3TF 6. (HIndi) Bipolar Junction Transistor Configurations: GATE (ECE) -bipolar-junction-transistor-bjt- configurations/ZOMHU5IX 7. (HIndi) BJT Biasing for GATE Aspirants -bjt-biasing-for-gate- aspirants/MSNPC3NH 8. (HIndi) BJT as an Amplifier for GATE bjt-as-an-amplifier-gate- ece/FZMMZH85 4

  5. Course Name Course Link 9. (HIndi) Small Signal Analysis of BJT ndi-small-signal-analysis-of- bjt/4W691NB6 10. (HIndi) Approximate Analysis of H Parameter Model for BJT ndi-approximate-analysis-of-h- parameter-model-for-bjt-gate- ece/MOVMMQXP 11. (HIndi) Pi-model Of BJT For GATE ndi-pi-model-of-bjt/ZEIJKXJY 12. (HIndi) Frequency response of BJT amplifier https:/ ndi-frequency-response-of-bjt- amplifier-gate-ece/zDUPAS2H

  6. Course Name Course Link 13. (Hindi) Noise in Analog Communication for GATE and ESE ndi-noise-in-analog- communication-for-gate-and-ese- 169/ODZWSOUC 14. (Hindi) Network Analysis and Synthesis for GATE (ECE) urse-overview.In- hindi/HN8T204B/?source-Course 15. (Hindi) Part-1 Reasoning and Aptitude: GATE urse-overview-in-hindil3IRVPOWO 16. (Hindi) Part 2: Reasoning and Aptitude for GATE urse-overview-in-hindi/995RFRSA

  7. Previous year questions Find the odd one from the following group: WEKO IQWA FNTX NVBD (a) WEKO (c) FNTX (b) IQWA (d) NVBD

  8. 1 2 2 6 7 1 14-15 11 ,7-1& 19 2 21 2 23 24 s 2c 23 SS 14 20 24 17 23 4 22

  9. Previous year questions Find the next term in the sequence: 7G, 11K, 13M, (a) 15Q (c) 15P (b) 17Q (d) 17P 3

  10. Previous year questions 12 o 4

  11. Previous year questions 45

  12. Previous year questions SI s4 36 24

  13. Previous year questions If 137 +276 435 how much is 731 672? (a) 534 (c) 1623 (b) 1403 (d) 1531 13

  14. Previous year questions J- So 3 6 2 1 1 3 1 L 23

  15. THANKS! Any questions? Rate, review and recommend You can follow me at- pakspoonia31 15