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Previous Year Questions of UGC NET on new profit sharing ratio and sacrificing ratio (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains previous year questions of new profit sharing ratio and sacrificing ratio in case of Admission of a Partner which would be really helpful for NTA UGC NET COMMERCE aspirants.

Manisha Lalwani from Sophia Girls' College, Ajmer (ABST) Qualified JRF Stenographer at AVVNL, Ajmer.

Unacademy user
Hello mam, is numericals on retirement of a partners also come ,is it necessary to practice also..
mam plzzzz godwill wale ques b krwa do 3,4 jisme new partner godwill b calculations
Manisha Lalwani
9 months ago
Okk.. sure..😃
mam ques no 6 ka ans 1:3 hona cahiy mera yehi aara h
Manisha Lalwani
9 months ago
Yogita I rechecked it but the answer is 1:2 only X= 4/7 - 7/14 Y= 3/7 - 4/14 solve it you will get 1/14 for X and 2/14 for Y
The whole lessons were very nice and well explained......
Thank you so much maam for this lesson😊👌
  1. ons ef NET aol e ness n a A hasu mitted uHtha 73 x,Y and 2? b) 4 3 a) 3 3 3 423 d) d : 3:

  2. 8 and C axe bastneus ina und gsses in the satio tu take into bathi and gave him Vg share What w e their ne 4 3. 2 43 2 1 Xand shau 13 admit m in hich he takes 3/ shan in and u : a) 3: 3 2:3 :6 15 Q9 : 11:30

  3. Aand B aue bautus in a atn ershi share and the ne ato beteen Cl old saho 3 5 5 Remaining shane al tex C's share - I 1 3 12- l 2 1 2

  4. emainin shane ateC haste - I - 12 l 2 New aho 6: 33 ORI 2 IO

  5. ts in the ato A and B aste pasdnes sh :3. "They admit c fe, X+4, hase in the lbasiness he .sauutung Hat p A and Bus : at ? L) d) 2 )103 N ep +Ree en e

  6. and ses : 2 a 9: 3 b 32 d) 69

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