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Calculation of new profit sharing ration Part - III (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains questions relating to new profit sharing ratio with detailed explanation.

Manisha Lalwani from Sophia Girls' College, Ajmer (ABST) Qualified JRF Stenographer at AVVNL, Ajmer.

Unacademy user
i think it is 8 types of marriage @2.47 slide
Manisha Lalwani
a year ago
Sorry niharika.. It's ans is 3:1:1. Please do it again and if any problem arises tell me.
from my side it's the final answer..u can tell me where is the problem
Manisha Lalwani
a year ago
Neharika tha answer is 9:3:3. You have written 9:3:5. As far as I can understand there is a calculation mistakes by your side in case of Z. Check it once. 9:3:3 or 3:1:1 doesn't make difference.
X =2/3-15×1/3=9/15
  1. CASE-IT11 A and B ake postness sh in 5:3 A and B. Calculate New woht

  2. iven Old Ratio 53 -la-la ! TX 5 to 5-8 58 3-8

  3. and Lowes astners him shave in which 5 Cal wlate +he new /sharing/ natio

  4. Given Old aho Xauuli sa uub.ce . 5 1 5 l 5 1 5 5 1 5 1 5 (5 7:53

  5. au e him Lhaue which he arquied 5 Calculate new 70 Shani ater 3. I

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