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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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This is the overview of the course.

Manisha Lalwani from Sophia Girls' College, Ajmer (ABST) Qualified JRF Stenographer at AVVNL, Ajmer.

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There is no denying about the quality of this or any other course on unacademy but the only thing that annoys me or maybe some other students would be the disruptions in the course.. the educator here is not at all punctual even though he teaches well.. yes you might be busy with your own preparations and the comment here would feel so harsh but Jatin bhai this exam itself is a test of our personality, our day to day handling of challenges in life, staying aware all year and still giving enough time to study. I personally feel that if you commit to something you should live up to it, especially when there are millions affected by your actions. Nobody forces you to continue these courses.. you can discontinue them anytime but this attitude is just like once you inject a drug into someone's system and then keep it away for days to see him suufer. everyone here is a human being as I guess was said by Jatin bhai as an excuse to cover up his non regular course uploads.. only November was a full upload on each day. And to all the plethora of people who might come up with abuse for me.. first off you guys don't deserve to be an ias with that amount of impatience and yes I have said all this for a reason as I have observed that Roman bhai is also ill sometimes and still uploads numerous courses everyday. you can hear from his voice when he has cold or when he might be down with fever but the excitement in his voice very time on a course will lift your spirits for sure. maybe unacademy being his brain child gets some extra out of him while many others here are just to earn. people don't get me wrong, educators here are good actually better than many bit India is 130 crore strong country.. there is no dearth of talent in this nation.. there might be some more resourceful people in a remote area of the country teaching better than this but with not much exposire . please try and understand that if somebody leaves his books for 2 hours a day every day out of tense preparations then he expects to learn and not see random YouTube videos and go home empty handed. I feel unacademy is trying to do too much to please everyone. please keep it simple.. just uosc and other important exam preparation is enough for the followers you have.. Regards Aman

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