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Preparation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds
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We discuss the various methods of preparation of Aromatic nitro compounds.

Sachin Rana is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IITB | 115/120 in Maths in JEE Main (2016) | Qualified NSEA (Astronomy Olympiad) | YouTuber with over 1,25,000 subscribers.

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Sir, In the first part -NO2 will get attached on para and then we will use (KMnO4/H+) to convert methyl to -COOH. In second part we will oxidise toluene to -COOH and then Nitration to get substitution at meta.
methyl is o/p directing , but COOH is also o/p directing as we can do nitration afterwards also...but as you did in the last step...first nitration and then oxidation...NO2 must also be oxidized by kmno4, hence we won't get the desired product
Utkarsh Puri
a year ago
i think that's incorrect
Althaf Nazar
a year ago
COOH is meta directing
Coc GoD
2 months ago
no methyl is Ortho para directing whereas cooh is meta directing due to -M effect
sir I think we should first oxidise CH3 to -COOH then use Conc.H2SO4 and HNO3 for-No2
Kshitize Thakur
3 months ago
i think the same
sir ch3 is an ortho paradirecting group so first of all we need to oxidise ch3 to cooh and then to nitration because cooh is an meta directing group
in question no 2 part 1.... we know Toluene is the para directing group so NO2 will attack on para position not meta....
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