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Mulliken Barker Test, Properties of Aromatic Nitro Compounds
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We deal with the Mulliken Barker Test and the various methods for the preparation of the aromatic nitro hydrocarbons.

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Sachin Rana
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Theory of diffraction of engineering physics
a year ago's available on my profile link
total sigma bond around N-C is not 8. plz do elaborate how to count sigma bond on compound having coordination bond?
may i know the detail explanation for the calculation of bond order of the coordination compound. cause i am not able to get the bond order of nitro-benzene 1.6.
Naman Jolly
4 months ago
Bond order is Total number of bonds in resonating structures at that point divided by the number of structures... so the number of bonds that the carbon makes in those resonating structures are 8 in total which by divided by 5 guve 1.6 Hope you got your answer
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