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Practice Questions (Solved) Set-2
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This lesson takes up more problems on sequences and Series

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Vineet Loomba
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C- greater than speed of sound
sir in the 9th question the formula for the sum of n natural number is n(n+1)/2 should be used .. but u have used n(n-1)/2 why sir ? plz reply
Sir can you plz check question no. 9....apne jo answer nikala vaisa option hi nhi hai.... sir according to me agar ham Series -(1+2+3+4+....+n-1+n) lete hai to last term n aayegi.....aur agar series (3+7+11+....+2n-1) lete hai to last term 2n-1 aayegi.......I think so..sir plz reply
sir and answer 1st aa rha hai..
sir question no.9 me humlog tn term nikal kr summation rule nhi laga skte ha?
Vineet Loomba
6 months ago
Nhi bcz term denominator me ban rhi h ..toh summation nhi ho paega
Harshit Sharma
6 months ago
ok sir thank you so much😊😊
Happy Teddy
4 months ago
Sir kyun?
sir can you explain question no. 7 plzzz
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