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Difference Method Sequences Series JEE Main and Advanced
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This lesson introduces the concept of difference method in sequences series

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Vineet Loomba
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1-35,2-20,3-120,4-8,5-34,6-60,7-40,8-800,9-450 Q10.ans should be 900?
Abhishek Pandey
2 years ago
I'll tell you tomorrow
Ajay Nonia
2 years ago
you are right
Abhishek Pandey
2 years ago
i have mentioned the reason go through
Ajay Nonia
2 years ago
ok sir I will
sir apne Vr -Vr+1 ka Kya Kiya??
sir lim n tends to infinite me n/2(n+2)=1/2 kaise hua
Aryan Sharma
3 months ago
bro if u have finished Limits....just apply L hospital rule no...u will get half
sir plz add some more PYQ
  1. ences ce Method V-m method tt H-2 - - X: 2 2-3 3. 4S laran Dimag knakbh Ho Qou

  2. 2 (n+2) a. Shotctaut mt 2) ditt l 2 InMUm ealh One mumbet mote than the 2.5.8 + 5%8.11

  3. 2k Th 12 1 12 2 12 2 12 1 2