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Arithmetic Progression and its Nth Term (in Hindi)
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This lesson introduces the concept of arithmetic progression and its nth term

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Vineet Loomba
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sir i have four question Q1- If nth term of AP is 1/3 (2n+1), then the sum of its 19 terms is Q2- If (m+2)th term of an AP is (m+2)²-m², then its common difference is Q3- In the following two AP's how many terms are identical? 2,5,8, 60 terms, 3,5,7, 50 terms Q4- If the sum of n terms of an AP is 2n²+5n, then its nth term?
sir please can you help to find answer of this questio given an ap having positive terms satisfy Sn=(1+2 tn)(1-tn) t2^2=√a-√b/4 find a+b
sir make a crash course for iitjee april imp chapters plzzzzz
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