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Practice Problems on Time n Work - Difficulty Level 1 : Part 4
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This lesson discusses the problems of difficulty lev 1

Jaspreet Kaur
Graduated from Pantnagar University , Computer Science Engineer , Web Developer , Programmer , Cleared CAT Examination

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  1. Practice Problems on Time n Work

  2. HELLO I am Jaspreet Kaur in Computer Science and Engineering Pantnagar University. Interests: Computer Programming, Engineering, Web Development, Problem solving kaur309-6837 2

  3. Bobla : A is tuice as Lo eak to

  4. the time. H B tokes to Lo the sae Lok. e deucre. A' day'ok A aud B's oue da s A JB the . we have30 A 30B100 wauk Tat is, 908-100 % wouK :1,11%! 40 daus to compl te te usask aloue

  5. You should e able to salve his the line tine, Ldo. 3.35% 3.333 1.11% 30 Hence , wouk done is 1.11% pes. day ond J.J0% - 90and. ys eM

  6. Bdlonu: 3 wlile 00 wowe can do it in 10 cowpee tome wak

  7. Soludion : Total wouk to be doue -8X1 ; 96 man- Since, the lauK is the same we an 46 Haue, I wan-dat- Now 1.0g 333 woman,- men and S uome ase wonk

  8. is ea iualet to 200 wow an Numbeu


  10. Thanks