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Practice problems on Time and Work - Difficulty Level 1: Part 3
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This lesson discusses the problems of difficulty level - 1

Jaspreet Kaur
Graduated from Pantnagar University , Computer Science Engineer , Web Developer , Programmer , Cleared CAT Examination

Unacademy user
  1. Practice Problems on Time n Work

  2. HELLO I am Jaspreet Kaur in Computer Science and Engineering Pantnagar University. Interests: Computer Programming, Engineering, Web Development, Problem solving kaur309-6837 2

  3. uablem: Tu a. piete should b) 10 (a) S IS Ld) 30 daik

  4. 600 wau the ttl wok sbould. be doue in 3 We have t .DXw +(3S-w) x1s-600 Salvi w, we geh

  5. a pieLe ave tako Complete the wonk togcthen (b) 4.s d) s dat Le) 4.8

  6. veu to ApVA ad Amib is :3, theis Linuk don would also be tokes dayes Amit oould tnke & days and te ed Lt ) sould be t4.8

  7. B in 9 IM ae aud altu ted ? (a) 4.33

  8. polution: A+ B",11%)6.66. Tutuo 33. 3 3 % gl the AORK ill be done. wouKing will to 33.33%, Rate At His ate it soutd take ONe Hence in ttal it. tok da to caplel the edine wank


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