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Practice Problem on Time n Work - Difficulty Level 2 : Part 6
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This lesson discusses the problems of difficulty level 2

Jaspreet Kaur
Graduated from Pantnagar University , Computer Science Engineer , Web Developer , Programmer , Cleared CAT Examination

Unacademy user
Hello mam, i visited your class to see how ssb is conducted. Because it was my very first doubt to know about evey thing and you had mentioned every thing. I visited after my consultant. Her name is Arpita Prakash. I think you know her. And my one more doubt is that when and how many times ssb is conducted in year?
  1. Practice Problems on Time n Work

  2. HELLO I am Jaspreet Kaur in Computer Science and Engineering Pantnagar University. Interests: Computer Programming, Engineering, Web Development, Problem solving kaur309-6837 2

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