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Phytoremediation (in Hindi)
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Lesson is all about phyroremediation it's method advantage and their disadvantages..

Pragati Mishra
TOP 10 EDUCATOR ( GPSC) Msc BIOTECH (University Topper) CSE aspirant Quora Addict

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Thank you Madam. I learned a lot . You have explained it very nicely.👍
Pragati Mishra
a year ago
thanks for the feedback

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  3. PHYTOREMEDIATION Harvest of metal saturated shoots Metal n shoots Phyto- plant Biomass can be reduced thermal treatments) for disposal or used to redalm metals Remediation- The act or process of correcting a fault oron Me deficiency High Metal from roots to shoots exudates or so increase metal availability and uptake Pb Figure1 Schematic representation of the processes involved in phytoextraction of metals from soils

  4. Methods of phytoremediation o Phytoextraction o Rhizofiltration o Phytostabilisation o Phytodegradation o Rhizodegradation o Phytovolatilisation

  5. PHYT EXTRACTION Contaminant Taken up into Plant Tissue Translocation info Shoots Plant Uptake Impacted Soil Being Remediated Soil Contaminant

  6. RHIZOFILTERATION Contennert Sablzed On te c Pant Suppot Hydroponic

  7. PHYTOSTABILIZATION Absorption into Root EC E-C E-C Reduced Surface Erosion Adsorption onto Root EC Mycorrhiza E-C E-C Exudates Enzymes, Alcohols Phenols, Carbohydrates and Acids E-C E-C Precipitation or Immobilization in Soil Contaminant Plume "C" Represents Contaminant Compound)

  8. Ptrytovolatilization Prytotrangformason Rhizosphere biorermediaton Fhizofltration adsorptcn) Ci co, Ci CI Pthytoextraction CC (uptake) Phytostabiization