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Heavy Metal Remediation (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with topics like bioremediation it's types and techniques with detailed explanation..

Pragati Mishra
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first time i understood what is bioremediation thanks
Pragati Mishra
a year ago
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Pragati Mishra
a year ago
nice to hear rate n recommend my course
Thanks Madam. You have explained very nicely. Excellent👍
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  3. What is Bioremediation? Bioremediation Biology "Remediate"- To solve a problem Bio-Remediate- to use biological organisms to solve an environmental problen Bioremediation The collective range of clean up methods by using natural microorganism (such as bacteria, plant, Fungi, etc.) to dearade hazardous organic contaminants or conver hazardous inorganic contaminants to environmentally less toxic or nontoxic compounds of safe levels in soils subsurface materials, water, sludges, and residues.


  5. HOW MICROBES USE THE CONTAMINANT o Contaminants may serve as: Primary substrate o enough available to be the sole energy source Secondary substrate o provides energy, not available in high enough concentration Cometabolic substrate o fortuitous transformation of a compound by a microbe relying on some other primary substrate

  6. TREATMENT TECHNIQUES o Soil Extraction o Pump and Treat o Physical and/or reactive barriers o Air and Hydrogen Sparging o Biological (microbes) o Chemical (surfactants)

  7. TYPES OF TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY Bioaugumentation/ biostimulation the addition of naturally occuring microbes to sites o sites can be treated with high concentrations of specifi microbes costs little money, time and disruption 0 o simple testing done for biocompatibility and biodegradation efficiency

  8. TECHNOLOGY-OTHER OPTIONS Bioventing treating soil by drawing oxygen though it to stimulate microbe growth Composting contaminated soils mixed with a bulking agent and exposed to a Landfarming - adaptation of traditional farming techniques (aerating, ploughin to contaminated areas to increase microbes activity

  9. BIOVENTING Monitoring Point Injection Wol Low-Rate Air Injecton Ground Surface Air FIon Water Table

  10. RECENT APPIZACHES > Earth worms can degrade heavy metals Enhanced plant yield Less surface litter More topsoil More organic carbon, nitrogen and polysaccharides Enhanced porosity, aeration and drainage VV thout earthworms With earthworrms