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Philosophies in teaching part-1 (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )
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In this lesson we discussed about philosophies of education in detail

Naveen Sakh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Naveen Sakh
Assistant professor | 💥Three time UGC NET | 💥CTET | 💥INDIA's best Writer on quora in Net | 5 years experience | NTA ugc net expert in commer

Unacademy user
Sir i have doubt in calculating derivative of (2x^2+9) ^2. I am getting 16x^3+72x. But the book's answer is 12x(2x^2+9) ^2.
Nitish Kumar
3 months ago
Answer fr se check kr lo
Aryan Singh
2 months ago
put the value of x in both answer=0, if answer match then it's correct else not you can argue it might be a coincidence but you can check for x=1 and so on for better
thank u sir for making such efforts.... ☺
only beautiful souls can do such effort's ❤
Naveen Sakh
3 months ago
And you're one among them too God bless you
very helpful series... quick revision best course
Naveen Sakh
3 months ago
Bht shukriya
sir youtube aapka channel kis Naam se h?
Naveen Sakh
3 months ago
Sgr education
phylosophy is very important . thank u
Naveen Sakh
3 months ago
God bless you
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