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(Hindi) 10 Days Crash Course on Paper 1 for NTA-UGC NET


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Naveen Sakh

In this course we will discuss all the important topics of Paper 1. We will cover the topics which are most important from the exam perspective


46 lessons β€’ 8 h 9 m
Overview of the Course : 10 days Crash Course Contents (in Hindi)

7m 15s

Research Positivism (in Hindi)

12m 01s

Research : Post Positivism (in Hindi)

9m 23s

Characteristics of Research ( in Hindi )

8m 51s

Characteristics of Research part-2 ( in Hindi )

8m 57s

Types of Research ( in Hindi )

10m 33s

Types of Research part-2 ( Research Aptitude ) ( in Hindi )

9m 58s

Sustainable development goals and Millennium development goals (People and Environment) ( in Hindi )

11m 18s

Noise Pollution (People and Environment ) (in Hindi )

13m 17s

Air Pollution (People and Environment ) (in Hindi )

10m 49s

Air Pollution part 2 (People and Environment ) (in Hindi )

11m 22s

Water Pollution (People and Environment ) (in Hindi )

11m 51s

Impact of Pollutants (People and Environment ) (in Hindi )

10m 38s

Philosophies in teaching part-1 (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )

12m 17s

Philosophies in teaching part-2 (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )

8m 46s

Philosophies in teaching part-3 (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )

10m 06s

Bloom Classification of Teaching Cognitive affective psychomotor (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )

10m 33s

Bloom Classification of Teaching Cognitive affective psychomotor (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )

9m 05s

Gangne and bridges Classification of teaching ( in Hindi )

7m 21s

Dale's Cone of experience (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )

12m 42s

Syllabus and Curriculum ( in Hindi )

12m 00s

National Curriculum Framework 2005 ( in Hindi )

11m 40s

ICT introduction ( in Hindi )

10m 33s

Objectives, strength, limitations, synchronous, asynchronous media ( in Hindi )

9m 52s

Generations of computer ( in Hindi )

11m 47s

Types of Memory ( in Hindi )

7m 27s

E-learning, blended learning, distance learning ( in Hindi )

9m 54s

Digital initiatives in Higher Education (NMEICT) ( in Hindi)

10m 15s

Indian logic class 1 ( in Hindi )

8m 48s

Charvarka materialistic school's view of knowledge ( in Hindi )

10m 25s

Types of Sampling (random sampling) ( in Hindi )

10m 58s

Types of Sampling (non probability sampling) ( in Hindi )

10m 37s

Workshop and Article ( Research Aptitude ) ( in Hindi )

11m 35s

Seminar and Meeting ( Research Aptitude ) ( in Hindi )

8m 08s

Strategy and Practical Approach for Dec 2019 ( in Hindi )

10m 25s

Effective Communication through MCQS part-1 ( in Hindi )

8m 25s

Effective Communication through MCQS part-2 ( in Hindi )

9m 55s

Hypothesis and Null hypothesis ( in Hindi )

14m 27s

Norm Referenced Assessment ( in Hindi )

13m 31s

Criterion based reference test ( in Hindi )

12m 51s

Nibble to yottabyte ( Full Memory Structure in one ) ( in Hindi )

11m 38s

June 2019 Paper 1 Top Questions 1-5 ( in Hindi )

12m 11s

June 2019 Paper 1 Top Questions 5-10 ( in Hindi )

13m 39s

June 2019 Paper 1 Top Questions 10-15 ( in Hindi )

11m 19s

Paper 1 50 Most Important Topics ( in Hindi )

11m 16s

Learn Epistemology in 8 Minutes Indian Logic ( in Hindi )

7m 59s



65 reviews


reviewed on Jun 14, 2019

thanku so much sir apne jo bhi lesson add kiye kafi kuchh clr hua isse πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


reviewed on Jun 13, 2019

Very helpful and understandable in very less time as exam is nearby. this is the best thing which sir is providing us. Most needed for revising. Incredible thinking to plan the course..^..^

Liyaqat Ali

reviewed on Jun 14, 2019

very useful video plz provide more video before 20 June. most awaited...... thanks u sir ji your video more help hma eshi tera ki kuch fast aur par video kar do in this crunch moment

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