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Bloom Classification of Teaching Cognitive affective psychomotor (Teaching Aptitude) ( in Hindi )
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In this lesson we discussed about cognitive domain, affective domain and psychomotor domain details

Naveen Sakh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Naveen Sakh
Assistant professor | 💥Three time UGC NET | 💥CTET | 💥INDIA's best Writer on quora in Net | 5 years experience | NTA ugc net expert in commer

Unacademy user
Dear Deepanshu Sir, though you are putting great effort in preparing the daily The Hindu news analysis it seems it's lacking. You are just reading the news despite repeated requests from the students to use "pointer" as we are lost what you are reading (Roman Sir's style is apt). You may be an experienced aspirant so you may have good reading speed. All are not same. Many are callous here. Moreover, the news you select should also be linked-up with the syllabus as the Insights On India do. I hope you would consider these to be more helpful like candidates like us. Thank You.
Malahat Jahan
3 years ago
with due respect to your point of view "he is spoon feeding". However, Himangshu just a help. try reading the slides first and then take down the points that you'd like to revise before exam from the news. it has helped me.
thank u very for valuable material
Thank you so much sir
Naveen Sakh
3 months ago
My pleasure
धन्यावाद सर
Naveen Sakh
3 months ago
You're welcome 👍
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