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Percentage for SSC CGL: Part 31 (in Hindi)
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Percentage for SSC CGL

Suyash Goyal
Engineer by Profession || Teacher by heart for the last 6 years || In love with Mathematics and English || 92% in 12th || 94% in 10th || Pub

Unacademy user
sr very good morning this video will very help full my preparation I want to say some thing plz load more this type of video for hindi medium student thanku very much
  1. .B. Tech Love public speaking Rate, Review g Recommend .Follow me on: Comment box below welcomes all your questions

  2. Percentage for SSC CGL

  3. Question-61: n an emm, 35% of the students famed im Maths and a5% English, tr lof. failed n both Maths and enish then how mueh . passed m bofh the subjeat /. pas!s Solufoni - S0 35 7. lo/.

  4. Quesfon-6-In a village, each of the 60% of. farmilies hai a cow, eash of- the 3o/- famiiea haa buffalo and eaah of the Isy families hai bofh a caw and a buftalo. n of the. Haw manu fam'pies do not have a ea , aL CoMw or Buffalo r BuffaloB 5 LS F 15 . Go 30% Farmin ha ing no 15% aud no bu Now, (2.5% of 96

  5. 200 y and the denomenata ts imereased rmereaaes is (5/12) what was the original fraeHon? Solutian: y.5y

  6. desHan-6 when ineame. of a man is jerease 60oo to 15%, while m both the situAHans, 5 of te menne s fee. Find his mittal meame f- he paid equal fake n both caseb Solution: nital income _x Too too too

  7. Ouestfen -65: A man savei a cvetain pavct f manthy ineame o that he oan pacehaie aie. the mon a car month. Find the % meede in his Soia so that he can same car in 4 montha an

  8. Solutan when 6 months :It 16 14 avestar G6 company allows 7 commiss en total sales to the salesman. Su if the salesman is appam ppeinjedl on a fix salay f 3ooo anl 4/ cammissfen en tt than 1oooo, then salesman weaves moxe an the and eondiffan, Ptnd the total sdJei. the sales mote 80o