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Percentage for SSC CGL: Part 10 (in Hindi)
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Percentage for SSC CGL

Suyash Goyal
Engineer by Profession || Teacher by heart for the last 6 years || In love with Mathematics and English || 92% in 12th || 94% in 10th || Pub

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16*2/3 how to become 50/300
  1. .B. Tech Love public speaking Rate, Review g Recommend .Follow me on: Comment box below welcomes all your questions

  2. Percentage for SSC CGL

  3. 3/s . Fnd the y. Solution: et the ne, be e im his incam 3 5 5 2-o change 28

  4. duestom-15: A student multiplied a no. instead ItS 3. 3 1 6 25

  5. covestfon-161 A student multfplies a no. bv. 3 instead of . Find erroe m calculation. Solutfom: 3 3 3 covest'on-17! if the incame tax i increates by. l9 y met mcame deereases bu 6*, then Fnd the xate f income

  6. Incame d Net In earn 30 3.5 65 I9 t9

  7. Queston- 18: f the income ta is inereased 17 y then net meame. keduced find the. at of ineame far Sofutfom: 3 N.J 17 28

  8. auesffom-19: J a am, there are a* maly wajonu au there alee_ number of seat i eaeh c ne f the Waig 5 putens fitted with of its capasity marinum number of pass accomodated if it hai rminnum 20% seats almtays vasat fimd the Sofuctfon: oftien: Na. of seatt ane wonan s 2S