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Percentage Basic Concepts Part-4 (in Hindi)
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Percentage basic concept part-4 .this lesson will help you in understanding basic concepts of percentage with detailed explanation.

Surbhi bharti
BCA and Msc(cs) from Sophia girls' college (Ajmer)

Unacademy user
Sir, right now HFCs are used in refrigeration and it has higher green house potential and recently it concluded under Kigali agreement; so, i have doubt whether it should be HFC or HCFC in the question.
Ankush Mehta
2 years ago
Yes Jignesh you are right ..It is HFC which is substitute for CFC,HCFC which are Ozone depleting substances due to Chlorine atom. This CFC,HCFC were replaced by HFC ...but this is having higher warming potential ...though it is not Ozone depleting substance. In the option it should be HFC instead of HCFC... So none of the options are correct
Jignesh Desai
2 years ago
thanks dear..
  1. Percentage For SBI/IBPS And all bank exams 2019

  2. student has to cane 307, marks Loget through he gets 30 marks and fails by 30 ks then findl the maximum manks

  3. A Student has b came 3or. mavrks Lo get through he gets 30 manks and fails by 3omarks, e moximum manks. en Fin Passing- 3oz fail - 30 3 0

  4. Co A. Scores 2.5% and feils by 60 may ks, while who scoxes the minimum Hequiyro rziks. find the maximum

  5. 30 A. Scates 2.5% and fails h 60 may ks, while mote than the minimum equirt hiks. find the maximum manki. A 25a 257 = 100 25 50 17. = 100x100 2-5 400 lo o

  6. Zn an examination, 20.ottotol mumber students failed in Maths_ ,5% of total numbe of shdenk failed in Hindi and 5% of total numben of Stuolenk Jailed in both. Find the Pxcuntage of shuidenk who passid in both the. Subiec

  7. In an examinaHon ,207..ftoto l mum er students failed in Maths, ,5% of total number of s denk failed in Hindi and 5Xof total numben of Suolentk failed in both. Find the f centage of sudenk who passed in both the Su biect 20%.- maths IS7.- Hindi 15%(5) 10 5+5+o - so.-Failed5.Both ,00-30, 70%-assed

  8. oo-30 70 % -rasse . In an elechion contested b^ two Condidotes, one 5oo votes ^ then tind the ohal numbeu of votes Candidate aot 30 total, votes and ti!) lost Castel.

  9. In an election contuted btwo condidots, one (andidate 3ot 3ov. -j tololvote^ and AH) Jostb 5oo votes, then tind the totol numbex ot vates 00 VOtes Casted 70 7 500 40 1250

  10. 80O 4 0 1250 The population of a town is 352 8oo.T\ it- inuveaex at the Jtate of 5% per annum, then what will be is population 2 year hene

  11. Population of a titi in 2004 oas loooooco inweament of 15v., t,n 2006 there is a dec"ement of 35% and in 2007 there is an 9nueamentofu5%, then find the Population of ity at the end of the year 2007.