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Percentage Basic Concepts Part-3 (in Hindi)
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Percentage basic concepts part-3 . This lesson will help you in understanding basic concepts of percentage with detailed explanation.

Surbhi bharti
BCA and Msc(cs) from Sophia girls' college (Ajmer)

Unacademy user
  1. Percentage For SBI/IBPS And all bank exams 2019

  2. 3 1 Jn an xamination the m by A is 20n less than that of 'bB, then mauks obtuin is how much pestent moHe than manks obteine mawks obtained e d

  3. 3 I dn an Exomination the marks obtained by A ia 2or less than that of 'P, then manks obtuin s how much pehtent moHe than manks obtainec 3 20

  4. 5% and then lt is decreased bu 5%, what is the change in his Salany?

  5. I S 5% and then 1s dei-eased by 5z.what is the change in his ^a is the change in his ialary? loo- g3. 5=0.25%

  6. price of an article is fist nWtasedh 207. and lat* on the price wete decxias J b02rz. dus to Healwe kon 'in sales. Find the net pexcentr charge n final pviu of Arhele.

  7. The price of an axiele is Airs Tnvxeased bj2*/. and latex on the price wexe devxeas dl duu to HeolucHon 'in sales. Finel the net?puxentze eCentage change 'n nalprice Arhele

  8. he , ce of Rice is.xaised , , potent must a householder duce his con SumpHen of Rice , So aa mot to inu ease his expenditute? I C how muen

  9. The pice of Rice ts Maised b 40%, by how much porcent must a houaeholdex Meduce his con Sum of Rice , So ai mot o in ease his eX pendi tute? how mueh ptien loo 140 4O 40

  10. How much percent must a houaeholden inu ease its ConsumpHon , So as not to decxease the expendlre on this item'? 10o

  11. 20 It duu to lov. dexease in the price of Svar, Ram Can 5kg mane sugar in then findl the ahll price sugan