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Percentage Basic Concepts Part-2 (in Hindi)
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Percentage basic concepts part-2.this video will help you in understanding basic concepts of percentage with detailed explanation.

Surbhi bharti
BCA and Msc(cs) from Sophia girls' college (Ajmer)

Unacademy user
  1. Percentage For SBI/IBPS And all bank exams 2019

  2. ice ot a Computen i* T 2000o. What oil be the price of computou oftu. eduction of 25%?

  3. ice oF a Compu be the price of con putou aftucHeduction f27? 20000 = 15000 loo

  4. pansons Sal fnu ease tn his

  5. pesos salauu has inuteased ftom E 7200 g loo, what th o ta e n0teasern his e pexten salad origi inveaed inuteasad 72.00 gloo 72 7200

  6. Rom spe and Saves x 93 then find the botol income ot Ram nds 69% of his income into expendituxes

  7. Ram Spends 69x of his income into expendituxes and Saves * 93 then find the total intome of Ram loo 69% Expendihue 100.63 -31% savings

  8. Rom spe u and Saves s 93 then find the botol income ot Ram nas 69% of his income into expendituve loo 69% Expendihal loo-63 :31% savinas 31%-93 3 l

  9. Aman Spends 20% of his income on food, 30 on education, 10% ontxan sport, and saves 70oo at the end of the month, find his total ncome

  10. Rahul spends 12% of the total income on Entutainm 25% on cloths, 'gy, on,Hood and saves 5 s at the end of -the month, then find the intome of Rohul

  11. income of Ravi is 20% moye than that of Rann then income of Rom is houw much perient less than that ' f Ravi? VI