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Percent Weight By Volume (in Hindi)
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Percent weight by volume and some good problems on it then percent by weight and a good problem on it.

Durga Singh Solanki
#Sr. faculty working in Kota #Ex-principal B.ed

Unacademy user
very nice madam.. please do lectures of programming in C , we are mechanical engineering students facing a lot of problem
Prasad Kumar
2 years ago
I'm a diploma person mam, not understanding Programming
Diksha Shivpure
2 years ago
I have many friends from mechanical. So I can understand what you are saying. I'll definitely make tutorials on c programming for mechanical students. Thank you prasad.
Prasad Kumar
2 years ago
thank you madam
sir, can you please tell me that which topic is more important than others in this chapter?
yaa sure, I have consider this thing in my lesson too but here I'm telling you again that molarity and Molality are 2 of the most important topic in concept of concentration of solution.