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Partnership Problems: Part - 3 (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers few previous year important repeated questions.

Chetan Mna
NITian , 4 year Teaching Experience , working with Indian Railways , cleared SSC ,SSE,CHSL, IBPS etc

Unacademy user
sir is lecture me aapne acche se nii samjhaya........................................................
sir advance b bana do plz
Precise, Concise n Meticulous
Concise, Precise n Meticulous
  1. PARTNERSHIP Presented by chetan

  2. Albouf me Mechanical Tngineering. (NITSURAT) Cleared SSC CGL main 2016,GATE 2015, ClearedVarious Written Exams: Chsl Pre 2016 (146.5), IBPS PO 2015(interview), SBI PO MAINS(2015) , RRB MAINS 9o+, SSC JEN. , DMRC, Sse.secunderabad (2015) follow me on Unacademy at Course fee: contribute(OPTIONAC) If u like my course please rate, review, share

  3. A, e,c sht a busi ness , f claim of the total fotit ? B investmonar tor 6 1S6o for & montihi. Hoo much morat A R B an A invest monay for 4 months - B An A B invest 8 13 24 ) 39--> I S 60 13 29 3 32 29

  4. 100 coupS unt a postur o o months . A but in for the 2 3 15 2 Ca 600

  5. working-Partner. and.tukes 20y. o the totalmf as his sala and Pomaini aumo Ar 2. frofit to be dishibuttso 2.0 8 8 7 38000 S Huat friction AT To tal Pan fi t= 35 = 3SX 2000 19

  6. A B c ave theee uwitt a cabitaL 8,00, Doo , S, oo,000 andl. deel de to she thair oo pofet acc to the ratio of theix capital Buaking drue , and takes lat:/ of total profit as Aalaty--.4 the busines frnd e amondt of e amout of 12-Ly. = 12 3 S200 ! 400 82: 1s +5 13

  7. aguea, that t q-the tok/ profit should be divldud, equala L blw them and the maining projt in the atoP Tota! P = LOxy Eq dismbata elacc.tocofi= 3xy 90 To Profits 4045