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(Hindi) Partnership - Quantitative Aptitude Problems


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62 reviews

Chetan Mna

This course covers partnership problems from quantitative aptitude section. Problems are discussed extensively for a better understanding.



62 reviews

hitesh mandal

reviewed on Jun 9, 2017

First of all thanks sir,this is really a good and helpful lecture serise .....these course change r thought proces towards solving maths problem thanks ....

Prashant Prasoon

reviewed on Jun 8, 2017

Thanks sir for such a amazing lesson .You are a light for hope .I have one doubt beside the topic.When in any question only " surface area" is written does it mean total surface area or curved surface area

Indresh Pandey

reviewed on Jun 11, 2017

u teach very well but some time become so fast that make scourge for me...i m ur big follwer to style of ur teaching style..

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