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Part II: Ministry Of Commerce and Industry - Discussion of Newly Launched Schemes (for UPSC CSE/IAS Preparation)
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In this lesson, one will come across the schemes launched and governed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. As it starts Ayussh Sanghi briefs completely about the Export House Status Holders Scheme. He highlights the recognized holders that hold Export House Stats. He also sheds light on the export of goods through courier / foreign post office using e- commerce. Then he shifts his focus on explaining the Price Stabilization Fund which worth Rs. 500 crore, established by the ministry of commerce.

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in the final equation moment of inertia is of disc ?? if rod would not be massless what would be the equation then...
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refer to the example of spring with mass ...and try to relate both
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3 months ago
I think (MR^2)/2
Hi Sir. Amazing Course made. Only a query as to any specific reason for inclusion of Tobacco under the PSF - Min of Commerce, when the Tobacco Products are considered as Sin Goods and being always subject to high taxes.?
Schemes of which yr are covered in this course???????
You have extraordinary communication skills with exemplary explanation power. To the point and precise.
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Thank you so much sir for this lesson. It helped alot.


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  4. Export House Status Holders Scheme All the following are recognised holders that hold Export House Status: . Merchants, Manufacturer Exporters, Service Providers, Export Oriented Units (EOUs),

  5. Export House Status Holders Scheme Units located in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Agri. Export Zones (AEZs), Technology Parks (B . Software Technology Parks (STPs) and Bio-Technology Parks C

  6. Export House Status Holders Scheme Status Business/Business in USD (Million) One Star Export House Two Star Export House Three Star Export House Four Star Export House Five Star Export House 25 100 500 2000

  7. Export House Status Holders Scheme A Status Holder is eligible for multiple benefits such as: Self declaration during custom clearances exception from some documents and receipts.

  8. Export of goods through Courier/Foreign Post Offices using e-Commerce Export of goods through Courier/ In order to incentivise exports of goods the current Foreign Trade Policy has introduced a scheme of courier or foreign post office using e-commerce under MEIS. As the regulatory structure of e-commerce export is still evolving, scope of the scheme was always limited.

  9. Price Stabilization Fund - Ministry of Commerce The PSF is worth Rs. 500 Crore which has been established in order to stabilise the prices of . Tea, Coffee, Rubber and Tobacco . to contain distress among the farmers of these commodities.

  10. Price Stabilization Fund - Ministry of Consumer Affairs PSF under Ministry of Consumer Affairs is a Rs. 900 Crore fund which is for price sensitive commodities such as pulses.