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Part I: Ministry Of Commerce and Industry - Discussion of Newly Launched Schemes (for UPSC CSE/IAS Preparation)

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Ayussh Sanghi

Through this lesson, one will come across major schemes which are launched by the government of India. He explains how the moderation of the erstwhile schemes which has got transformed now. He begins his explanation by taking up Merchandise Export from India Scheme. Here, he describes how this scheme is an innovative approach on foreign trade. He also speaks about the former 6 schemes which are merged with it. The next scheme which he has discussed in the lesson is Service Export from India Scheme, which was formerly known as Served from India Scheme. He details what all the changes have happened from the previous to the new one. He also clears your doubts by explaining what is a duty credit scrip. Last scheme which one will come across in this lesson is Export Promotion of Capital Good Scheme.

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