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Part-7 6-8th Samacheer book important MCQ (in tamil)
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Part-7 6-8th samacheer book important MCQ (in tamil)

Vanitha K
I am a B.E CSE graduate-YouTube channel : Tnpsc shortcuts - i have 2years experience in teaching. Blog:

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you have amazing knowledge of explaination..
  1. Mineral (B) Tin (D) Asbestos 62. Cassiterite is the ore of (A) Gold (C) Copper (A) sBi5ib (C) 5Uuir (B) sesjub 63. Rice requires an average temperature of for its growth (A)220C (B) 24 C (C) 28 C (D) 30 C (A) 22 C (B) 24 C (C) 28 C (D) 30 C 64. Who said that? "Money is that which money does" (A) Smith (B) Robertson (C) Walker (D) Crowther (B) jmijLFoir

  2. 65. National Education Policy was introduced in (A) 1968 (B) 1976 (C) 1986 (D) 1996 (A) 1968 (B) 1976 (C) 1986 (D) 1996 66. is observed as the Human Rights day (A) 8th Dec (B) 10th Dec (C) 12th Dec (D) 14th Dec (A) 8th Dec (B) 10th Dec (C) 12th Dec (D) 14th Dec 67. Name the Article under Indian Constitution which states "No child below the age of fourteen years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous employment" (A) Article 14 (B) Article 18 (C) Article 24 (D)Article 28

  3. (B) 18 (C) L f 24 68. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was unanimously adopted and proclaimed by UN General Assembly on (A) October 25, 1945 (C) December 10, 1948 (B) November 28, 1946 (D) January 26, 1950 .cjf LD6f5 e 6 DLD56 75L TLD 8 pr Fouu ar Gung 1 1T 9(5LD6g as LD6015T55 (A) SjSLm 25, 1945 (C) iqaibuir 10, 1948 (B) ionbuir 28, 1946 (D) 29oiafl 26, 195t0 69. During which year India become the member of 'United Nations Organizations"? (A) 1950 (B) 1947 (C) 1945 (D) 1960 1950 (B) 1947 (C) 1945 (D) 1960

  4. 70. Which one of the following is the national aquatic animal of India? A) Saltwater Crocodile (C) Gangetic Dolphin (B) Olive Ridley turtle (D) Gharial 6751? (D) Gai 71. The United Nations agency responsible for the protection of refufees is (A) UNESCo (C) UNHCHR (B) Amnesty International (D) UNCTAD 6D60T (A) UNESCO (C) UNHCR 6IT6T (B) Amnesty International (D) UNCTAD 72. The state animal of Tamil Nadu is (A) Red Panda (C) Black Buck (B) Asiatic Lion (D) Nilgiri Tahr

  5. 73. Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes give below List I A. The Mines Act B. The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act C. The Plantation Labour Act D. The Indian Factories Act List II 1. 1948 2. 1951 3. 1952 4. 1986 C D 3 AB 4 1. 1948 3. 1952 4. 1986 @sau A D o 51ppFT60)6.) FLLLD B 3 3

  6. 74. Which of the following is incorrectly paired? (A) Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 (B) Special Marriage Act - 1954 (C) Divorce Act 1869 (D) Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2000 (A)aj5LFGD6001 5@d FLLID - 1961 75. In terms of Geographical area India occupies which position in the world? (A) Five (B) Six (C) Seven (D) Three (C) sup