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Part-3 6-8th Samacheer Book Important MCQ (in Tamil)
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Part-3 6-8th Samacheer Book important MCQ (in tamil)

Vanitha K
I am a B.E CSE graduate-YouTube channel : Tnpsc shortcuts - i have 2years experience in teaching. Blog:

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  1. 24. Temperature decreased at the rate of for every 1000 meters high on the Earth's Suface. (A) 4.5 C (B) 5.5.oC (C) 6.5oC (D) 5 C LDITIT (A) 4.5 C (B) 5.5oC (C) 6.5 C (D) 5 C 25. Which one was wrongly matched? (A) Bric Fielder - Thar desert (B) Chinook USA (C) Sirocco - Sahara Desert (D) Fohn - Northern Itally GULIT

  2. 26, instrument is used to measure the atmospheric pressure (A) Thermometer (C) Barometer (B) Hygrometer (D) Hydrometer (C) urGrm LLT 27. Which one is Correctly matched? (A) Harmattan - Central Africa (B) Mistral - Russia (C) Norte - Argentina (D) Purga - Alps region

  3. 28. The average airpressure at the sea level is millibars (A) 1003 (B) 1113 (C) 1023 (D) 1013 (A) 1003 (B) 1113 (C) 1023 (D) 1013 29. Which are the factors that influence the generation of ocean currents? 1. Differences in temperature 2. Density of Ocean water 3. Coriolis force 4. Gravitational force 5. Melting of snow (A) 1, 2, 3 and 5 only (C) 1, 2, 4 and 5 only (B) 1, 3, 4 and 5 only (D) All the above

  4. 30. What is the extent of India? (A) 8041N to 376 N and 687'E to 97025'E (B) 806 N to 3706'N and 68071E to 970251E (C) 804 N to 3706 N and 6808'E to 970241E (D) 8041N to 3706'N and 68071E to 97026E (A) 804'N to 3706 N uwipmb d 68071E to 970251E (B) 806'N to 37o6'N wppub 6807'E to 970251E (C) 8041N to 3706-N opgrb 6808 E to 970241E (D)8041N to 37o6'N wppub 6807'E to 970261E 31. Our National Flag was accepted on (A) July 22nd, 1947 (C) July 22nd, 1945 (B) June 22nd, 1946 (D) June 22nd, 1947

  5. GLD (A) gsoa 22nd, 1947 (C) 8gsva) 22nd, 1945 (B) ggi 22nd, 1946 (D) 22nd, 1947 32. Which of the following is the gaurdian of our constitution? (A) Loksabha (C) Parliament (B) Rajya Sabha (D) Supreme Court (B) TuaunT 33. The song "Vande Mataram" was composed in language by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. (A) Hindi (B) Bengal (C) Urudu (D) Sanskrit

  6. Quppiuh 34. Our National tree is (A) Neem Tree (C) Mango Tree (B] Banyan Tree (D) Cocanut Tree

  7. 35. The Head Quarters of United Nation's Court is at (A) Washington (C) Newyork (B) Hague (D) Paris (B) 89)* 36. Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes give below List I A. Child Marriage restraint Amendment Act B. Juvenile Injustice Act C. Integrated Child Development Services D. Right to Education Act List II 1. 2010 2. 1978 3. 1986 4. 1975 3 4 4 3 3 4

  8. 1. 2010 2. 1978 3. 1986 4. 1975 3 3 4 4 3 4 37. In general Capital Means (A) Buildings (C) Money (B) Machineries (D) Labour

  9. 38. The first session of the constituent assembly was presided over by (A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (C) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (B) Dr. S.P. Sinha (D) K. M. Munshi (B) LT Li. S.P. oim 39. who did introduce the system called Mansabdari"? (A) Akbar (C) Aurangazeb (B) Hamayun (D) Shah Jahan A ui

  10. 40. The second Battle of Panipat was fought in AD (C) 1536 (A) 1506 (B) 1526 (D) 1556 (A) 1506 (B) 1526 (C) 1536 (D) 1556 41. Who did organize the "Khalsa Organization"? A] Guru Gobind Singh (C)Guru Nanak (B) Guru Arjun Dev (D) Guru Tegh Bahadur

  11. 42. Which was wrongly matched? (A) First Peshwa - Balaji Viswanath (B) Greatest of the Peswa- Baji Rao (C)Sumant- Foreign Secretary (D)Amatya- Home Secretary 6)68

  12. 43. "Blue water policy" was proposed by (A) Vasco-da-Gama (C) Alfonso-De-Albuquesque (B) Franciso-de-Almedia (D) Zamorin (D) Tfair 44. The French East India Company started in_ (A) 1600 A.D (B) 1608 A.D (C) 1644 A.D (D) 1664 A.D ,0.1644 (A) 6111600 (B) l.1608 (C) (D) al.D .1664

  13. 45. Which is related to treaty of paris in 1763? (A) Second Carnatic War (B Third Carnatic War (C) First Anglo-Mysore War (D) Second Anglo - Mysore War 46. is called the Father of Indian Civil Service (A) Warren Hastings (C) Cornwallis (B) William Bentinck (D) Wellesly

  14. 46. is called the Father of Indian Civil Service (A) Warren Hastings (C) Cornwallis (B) William Bentinck (D) Wellesly 47. Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes give below List I A. Treaty of Basseirn B. Treaty of Madras C. Treaty of Salbai D. Treaty of Pondicherry List II 1. 1782 2. 1769 3. 1802 4. 1755

  15. 1. 1782 2. 1769 3. 1862 4. 1755 3 3 3 3 48. Find the CORRECT Statement/Statements 1. Lord William Bentinck is famous for his reforms 2. The use of Pesian as court language was abolishd during Lord Dalhousie period 3. The Hindu Widow Re-marriage act was passed in 1856 4. Lord Dalhousie is called as the "Maker of Modern India" (A) 1, 2 and 3 only (C) 2, 3 and 4 only (B) 1, 3 and 4 only (D) All the above

  16. (A) 1, 2 8 3 DLOLb (D) 2, 3 8 4 LDLGLb (B) 1, 3 8 4 LDLGlb 49. Who is related to Black Hole Tragedy? (A) Roberty Clive (C) Hastings (B Dupleix (D) Hyder Ali

  17. 56n) 50. The System of revenue was introduced during the period of Lord Hastings (A) Mahalwari (C) Permanent Land Revenue (B) Ryotwari (D) Both (A) and (B)