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Part-5 6-8th samacheer book important MCQ(in tamil)
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Part-5 6-8th Samacheer book important MCQ(in tamil)

Vanitha K
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mam plz reply??????????????????
  1. 46. is called the Father of Indian Civil Service (A) Warren Hastings (C) Cornwallis (B) William Bentinck (D) Wellesly 47. Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes give below List I A. Treaty of Basseirn B. Treaty of Madras C. Treaty of Salbai D. Treaty of Pondicherry List II 1. 1782 2. 1769 3. 1802 4. 1755

  2. 1. 1782 2. 1769 3. 1862 4. 1755 3 3 3 3 48. Find the CORRECT Statement/Statements 1. Lord William Bentinck is famous for his reforms 2. The use of Pesian as court language was abolishd during Lord Dalhousie period 3. The Hindu Widow Re-marriage act was passed in 1856 4. Lord Dalhousie is called as the "Maker of Modern India" (A) 1, 2 and 3 only (C) 2, 3 and 4 only (B) 1, 3 and 4 only (D) All the above

  3. (A) 1, 2 8 3 DLOLb (D) 2, 3 8 4 LDLGLb (B) 1, 3 8 4 LDLGlb 49. Who is related to Black Hole Tragedy? (A) Roberty Clive (C) Hastings (B Dupleix (D) Hyder Ali

  4. 56n) 50. The System of revenue was introduced during the period of Lord Hastings (A) Mahalwari (C) Permanent Land Revenue (B) Ryotwari (D) Both (A) and (B)

  5. 51. Who introduced Dual Government System? (A) Robert Clive (C) Warren Hastings (B) Hastings (D) Cornwallis 52. Which was the immediate cause for the 1857 revolt? (A) General Service Elightment Act (B) Subsidiary Alliance (C) Greased Cartridges in the New Enfield Rifle (D) Doctrine of Lapse (D) ITf|& pL 5 3&TLLIr@ 53. Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes give below List I A. Bahadur Shah II B. Begum Hazarat Mahal C. Nana Sahib D. Lakshmi Bai List II 1. Delhi 2. Kanpur 3. Lucknow 4. Central India

  6. C 3 D 3 3 A B C 3 D 3 3 3 54. Which was incorrectly matched? (A) Vishwanatha Nayak introduced palaykar system (B) Tower of Arunachalaes war temple was completed by Achutappa. (C) "War of the Noses" took place during the reign of Rani Mangammal (D) Krishnadevaraya appointed vyappa Nayak in charge of senji.

  7. 55. Tanjore Saraswathy mahal was built by (A) Viswanatha Nayak (C) Serfoji- II (B) Thirumal Nayak (D) Serfoji - I 56. Which one is correctly matched? (AJParaniothi-Iru samayavilikkam (B) Haridas - Seerapuranam (C) Thiruvenkatan - Meygnanavilkkam (D) Umarupulavar Chidambara pattial

  8. 57. The vellore mutiny was suppressed by (A) Gillebsy (C) Clive (B) Coot (D) Bentinck (B) anl 58. country is the world's largest solar energy producer. (A) USA (C) Finland (B) Germany (D) England (A) @1Df55 g855lu 5T@sai

  9. 59. Which one of the following is the Quinary Activity? (A) Trade (C) Research (B) Management (D) Decision Making (D1@l9Qa@ 5N 60. Jarva are aborigines of (A) Andaman and Nicobar (C) Canada (B) Africa (D) Australia ggTT61160 6MLJU LD GloIT RT(LD LD556T 5T6ML uGi @Lib (C) SGLT 61. In which country world's largest inland fishling lake is located? (A) USA (C) Cambodia (B) Canada (D) Thailand