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Part 5 MCQs Of Biology (in Hindi)
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Part 5 Discussion In Details

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49/50...excellent presentation
3 ques me both b and c hona chahiye bcoz renin is enzyme secreted by kidney
10 months ago
ya phir option b me 'rennin ' hona chahiye tha
Nitovators Guild
10 months ago
Aap si ho pr jo que mene pucha h vo jra acce s pdiye or samajoye aapko aa jaega
sir chapter wise krye na plz
Nitovators Guild
10 months ago
Abhi tym kam h beta isliye important que solve kr lo fayda rahega
thank you sir🙏🙏🙏🙏
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  2. Q1. A plant with compound leaves is (a)Papaya (b)Coconut (c)Peepal (d)Hibiscus

  3. Q2. The scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time was (a)Antonyvan Leewen Hock (b)William Harvey (c)Gregor-Mendel (d)Ronald Ross

  4. Q3. Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme? (a)Pepsin (b) Renin (c) Insulin (d) Amylopsin

  5. Q4. The Theory of Evolution was put forward by (a) Louis Pasteur (b) Aristotle (c) Gregor Mendel (d) Charles Darwin

  6. Q5. In a human body the longest bone is In the (a) vertebral column (b) thigh (c) rib cage (d) arm

  7. Q6. Which of the following food crops has the maximum content of proteins? (a)Cassava (b)Soyabeen (c)Wheat (d)Maize

  8. Q7. Where did the new form of pneumonia "SARS" start? (a)Canada (b)Singapore (c)China (d)Thailand

  9. Q8. The total number of vertebrae in a human being is (a)26 (b)30 (c)29 (d)33

  10. Q9. On the average what percentage of human body has the element of oxygen ? (a)65 (b)25 (c)10 (d)5

  11. Q11. The hybrid between horse and donkey is called (a)Pony (b)Colt (c)Mule (d)Zebra

  12. Q13. The chemical used for destroying Fungi in water tanks is (a)Copper sulphate (b)Magnesium sulphate (c)Zinc sulphate (d)Nitric acid

  13. Q16. Who among the following analysed DNA for the first time? (a)Arthur Comberg (b)Hargobind Khurana (c)M. W. Nirenberg (d)Watson and Krick

  14. Q17. Which among the following bears smallest living cell (a)Bacterium (b)Mollusk plasma (c)Virus (d)Yeast

  15. Q18. Yawning occurs (a)due to excess concentration of C02 in blood (b)due to excess concentration of CO2 in lungs (c)due to excess concentration of C02 in lungs (d)None of these.