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Part-3 MCQ's of Biology (in Hindi)
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Part-3 discussion

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Unacademy user
sir But in Q13 Vitamin B1 is know as Thiamin & Vitamin B2 is know as Riboflavin so sir should be (b)Thiamin
hello sachin sir pehchana apne muje u r here on unacademy good to see u here
Nitovators Guild
10 months ago
vit b1is thymene riboflavin is name of vit b2
Nitovators Guild
10 months ago
vitamin B1 is thiamine

  2. NIToVAtors Guild ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE ANEET/UT JEE M/1 #CHEMISTRY EXPERT unacadem Sachin Yadav Associate Aakash faculty 6yrs. Teaching experience Follow NITovators GUILD for awesome courses

  3. Q 1. AIDS virus has (a)single-stranded RNA (b)double-stranded RNA (c)single-stranded DNA (d)double stranded DNA Q2. A breath test sed by traffic police to check drunken driving dichromate-sulphuric acid (b)potassium permanganate-sulphuric acid (c)turmeric on filter paper (d)silica gel coated with silver nitrate uses: (a)potassium Q3. AngloNubian is a breed of: (a) sheep (b) goat (c) poultry (d) cattle

  4. Q4. What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping? (a) Alkaline (b) Acidic (c). Water-logged (d)Soil with excessive clay content Q5. Typhoid fever is caused by (a)virus (b)bacteri:a (c)fungus (d)allergy Q6. Which of the following blood group is a universal recipient? (b) B (c) AB (d) O

  5. Q7. Rod shaped bacteria is called (a)Bacillus (b)Spirillum (c)Coccus (d)Coma Q8. The animal which become extinct recently in India happens to be (a) Golden cat (b) Cheetah (c) Wooly wolf (d) Rhinoceros has Q9. All the progeny obtained froma vegetative propagation are called (a) Clones (b) Pure line (c) Indeed line (d) Pedigree line single plant by

  6. Q10. What is a Sponge1? (a) A fungus (b) A fossil (c) A plant (d) An animal Q11. Which of the following blood groups may be present in the children of a couple havin g blood groups respectively? A and B (a) A and B only (b) A B and AB (c) A (d) A B only B AB and O Q12. Which of the following diseases is caused by a virus? (a)Poliomyelitis (b)Malaria (c)Whooping cough

  7. (d)Ringworm Q13. Which of the following is known as Vitamin B1? (a)Retinol (b) Thiamin (c) Riboflavin (d) Ascorbic Acid Q14.Which of the following is true? (a)DNA is the genetic material in most of the organism in most viruses and bacteria all the viruses all the viruses (b)RNA is the genetic material (c)DNA is the genetic material in (d)RNA is the genetic material in Q15. Pathogenic bacteria secrete (a)Ahtigens

  8. (b) Antibodies (c) Hormones (d) Interferon's Q16. Where is the Botanical Survey of India headquartered? (a)Lucknow (b) Darjeeling (c) Kolkata (d) Oottaccamund Q17. Who amongst the following was awarded Nobel Prize for path breaking contributions to develop treatment against Parkinson disease? (a)Arvid Carlsson (b)Walter Kohn (c)Robert B. Laughlin (d)Ferid Murad Q18. Which of the following food

  9. items is rich in iron? (a)Rice (b) Apple (c) Pulses (d) Orange