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Part-4 MCQ's of Biology (in Hindi)
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Part-4 discussion

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I like your all Vedio tnx sir
Sunil Yadav
9 months ago

  2. NIToVAtors Guild ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE ANEET/UT JEE M/1 #CHEMISTRY EXPERT unacadem Sachin Yadav Associate Aakash faculty 6yrs. Teaching experience Follow NITovators GUILD for awesome courses

  3. Q1. Who discovered Cholera germs? (a)Robert Koch (b)Rene Laennec (c)Dresseir (d)Hansen Q2.Sweet diabetic patients has energy content of: (a)Five calories (b)Ten calorie (c)Hundred calories (d)Zero calories Q3. The element which Is the most abundant Inthe human ex used by the

  4. body is: (a)Oxygen (b) Carborn (c) Iron (d) Nitrogen Q4. Oxygen liberated during photosynthesis is coming from (a)Carbon dioxide (b)Water (c)Bresk down of chlorophy Il (d)Atmosphere Q5. Which of the following is NOT included in the Technology Mission? (a)Oil seeds (b) Pulses

  5. (c) Maize (d) Vegetables Q6. Who discovered sex hormones? (a)Dreser (b)Eugen Steinach (c)Edward Calvin (d)Samuel Cohen Q7. Fermentation Is a process of decomposition of an organic compound by (a)catalysts (b) enzymes (c) carbanions (d) free radicals

  6. Q8. What are the basic units from which human spare parts can be created? (a)Nerve cells (b) Stem cells (c) Heart cells (d) Kidney cells Q9. Adherentmucoid alkaline substance covering the inner lining of stomach is to; (a)digest starch (b) act against bacteria (c)prevent the action of pepsin of mucosa

  7. (d)prevent viral Infection Q10. The area of the human tongue sensitive to bitterness is restricted to : (a)tip (b) edges (c) middle part (d) posterior part Q11. Amniocentesis is a method for (a) determination of fetal health conditions (b)determination of the amino acids sequence:

  8. (c) inducing abortion (d) artificial insemination Q12. During photosynthesis the liberated gas is: (a)Carbon dioxide (b)Oxygen (c) Nitrogen (d) Hydrogen Q13. Which of the following blood cells is compulsory for blood coagulation? (a)Platelets (b)Red Blood Corpuscles (c)White Blood Corpuscles (d)Lymphocites

  9. first Q14. Which was the antibiotic? (a)Terramycin (b) Neomycin (c)Penicillin (d) Streptomycin Q15. Virus contains (a)Protein and lipid (b)Nucleic acid and protein (c)Lipid and carbohydrate (d)Carbohydrate and nucleic add Q16.. By which the sex of a childis determined before birth ? (a)Sperms of father

  10. (b)Foetus of mother (c)Both (d) None.