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Part 39- Current Affairs- June 2018(In Malayalam)
Dear Sir, Italian,Canadian,German grand prix 2018 :Lewis Hamilton alle .Njan news angane kandathupole time undengel sir onnu verify cheyyanne.
a year ago
vettel thanneya
Australian and Canadian vettelanu
ok thx
Australian grand Prix lewis Hamilton ennu march 2018 current affairs I'll kandu.sir onnu confirm cheyyamo?? junile current affairs I'll vettel ennum. ethanu correct?
Kunjusss Kunju
a year ago
yes sir inte oru clasil tanne Australian grand prix winner hamilton ennu parajitud..ethano crct?
a year ago
yes, Australian grand prix Hamilton enna sir adhyam paranjathu
a year ago
Australian grand prix sebastian aanu......hamilton australian grand prix pole aanu randum randanu.....
Suchithra Chithra
10 months ago
thank u sir.... 👍👍👍👍👍
Shabeeb C
8 months ago
Australia Grandprix Sebastian Vettal