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Part 2- idioms in English ( in Malayalam)
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Repeated idioms in English ( part 2)

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Mansoorali Kappungal
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Unacademy user
nice explanation
Ritu kumari
9 months ago
Thanks ashok dear
ithrayum thiralkinidayilum sir njangalku vendi othiri kashttapedunnu..thanks paranjal oru formal aayipokum. ennalum thank u sir..thanks very much...
thank you sir phrasal verb koodi oru class sirnte class ketal oru confidence kitum. plz sir
thanks sir.sirnte class kittumbolanu oru confidence kittunnath.thank you so much sir.👌
sir pls add phrasal verbs and important antonyms and synonyms class.
thanks sir Antonym and synonym class examinu munne idavo
  1. Exam Oriented English Mansoorali Kappungal

  2. Hosbon's choice: no choice at all Keep the wolf from the door: to escape from At sixes and sevens :confusion, incomplete Bakers dozen: 13 poverty disorder eCry over spilt milk: regret over past actions Mother wit: natural common sense

  3. Wet blanket: a useless person deaf ear: didn't pay attention Break a leg: to wish good luck All ears: very eager to hear Gets on nerves : irritates A slap on the wrist:a very mild punishment In high spirits :cheerful Be in the red: making a financial loss

  4. To Bell the cat :do a dangerous thing Leaps and bounds :improve very quickly Ways and means: the methods and other things needed to make it happen Hue and cry: noise Taken into account: consider Chicken hearted fearfully Tie the Knot: to get married Go to the dogs: be ruined

  5. eHand and glove: very friendly To add fuel to fire: to make matters worse In cold blood: cruelly hot potato: controversial issue Hot under the collar: angry Dutch courage: courage induced by alcohol A Dark Horse: A person whose abilities are hidden