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Part 1 Introduction to Economics, Economy and Economic system (in Telugu)
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This lesson gives u complete analysis on Economics and economy ..

Prabhakar Chouti
(P.hD),Economy, Polity and Social Issues Faculty since 8 years, Expertise in TS & AP Economy, Youtuber " Chouti",Director-Chouti's Economy

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Prabhakar Chouti
8 months ago
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Prabhakar Chouti
8 months ago
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  1. Part 1 Telugu with English keywords Introduction to ECONOMICS ECONOMY &e Micro n Macro economy Indian Economy Series Telugu


  3. Greek word: Oikos +Nomos What is ECONOMICS Household Law Nature of Economy The economy Resources Unlimited wants Limited resources Wants scarcity choice lalance between Unlimited wants and Limited Resource

  4. Economics Economy: The economy is the relationship Among Goods,services,supply of money and market and aslo the state of purchasing capacity,employment,trade etc. Is a science which is choice making and Delolopes Models ,theories and also studies Human behaviour..

  5. Aconomics Around u.. Individual Family State Country World

  6. Dilemma Individual aty Potter 100:

  7. Dilemma : Family Savings

  8. Dilemma : State

  9. Dilemma : Country

  10. Dilemma World

  11. Definitions of Economicsoge Adam Smith: Wealth J. B. Say Wealth Alfred Marshal Welfare/Material well being Pigou: Measuring rod of Money Lionel Robbins : Choice Making Paul Samuelson Production and Consumption Henry Smith : One's share in total product Jacob Viner : What Economist do Suggested: Introo