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It tells you about what is data and how it can be represented in different forms - graphical and tabular.

Nandita Soni
As rightly said by someone " One should study mathematics because it helps to arrange one's ideas". Learning maths can be made easy and enjo

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great effort sir.... please continue
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  2. My Overview Course prepared by Nandita Soni. I am a MBA With B.Tech and having 10+ years of experience in MNC I am Maths lover since childhood and enjoy solving puzzles You can follow me on: If you have any queries you can type it in comment box. I will revert back to you asap

  3. Data Handling Examples In our daily life, we come across various information like: - .What is the fuel consumption/mileage trend in our four wheeler/two wheeler in past 3 months What is the average monthly expenses done by us under various categories like Groceries, Medicines, Shopping, Savings, Education, Eating out etc. what is the number of students scoring above 90% marks in Maths in last few years As you can think multiple instances where we are dealing with data

  4. What is Data? Data is collection of numbers gathered to give some information. It is usually collected in the context of situation which we want to study. For example A doctor may like to study the average weight of children aged 1-2 years visiting a hospital during certain period time. To find this, he will write the weight of all children falling under age group of 1-2 year and who had visited in month of August 2017. He will organise the data in a systematic manner & then interpret it accordingly. Sometimes, we represent data graphically to give clear idea of what it represents.

  5. Data Representation Graphical Tabular How to read graph (basic rules) What is Grouped & Ungrouped data . Type of graphs Important Definitions like Frequency, Class interval, Class limit. Basic rules for organising data Types of Graphs Pie chart Simple Bar chart Two directional Bar Chart Multiple Bar chart Component Bar Chart Pictograph Histogram Frequency polygon Frequency Curve Cumulative Frequency Curve (Ogive)