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Overview of the course

Vimal Singh Rathore
Travelling gives you 'experience' & teaching 'immortalizes' it. Loves both :)

Unacademy user
Does the Group testing officer, helps/guides/instructs on how rasks are to be completed? Apart from testing physical standards after final selection, are some tests conducted at SSB?
Tarun Kaushik
3 years ago
The GTO will brief about every test before start conducting that particular Test that includes Rules to be followed. Or You can say Do's and Don't for that Task .
could someone suggest me if it is worth purchasing new edition of Shankar environment book if you have the old one? is there too much difference? Thanks in advance.
Paul Williams
a year ago
yes it will be useful but in the old edition there will be some mistakes and I'm not sure about the new one. but this book is a must read for environment. so I suggest you to purchase one.
Shreyas Shukla
a year ago
Thanks Paul. Good Luck.
Thank u sir.. for this course.
hi sir i am following the schedule as you suggested in your less of how to prepare in 4 mths,but Tamil nadu history ancient and medieval i studied but not able to solve much of questions.what to do please suggest
very good course sir in explaining the issues n expressing those in different manner.
Your lectures are very imp for aspirant
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