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Overview: Tips to Crack UPSC CSE (IAS Exam) for Working Professionals
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In this lesson, Roman will be rendering a brief overview of this course. Here he will be specifying the target audience for this course. He will also mention the course objectives.

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

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Hello Sir, I really like the lessons you impart with your knowledge.Few suggestions that we think are applicable enough. 1.We would like the detailed summary of each NCERTs class and subject wise. 2.We would appreciate if MCQs are given for each NCERTs class and subject wise.This would help to test ourselves. 3.Please mark out the non important parts from NCERTS 6-12 as most of the things have to be related back to the syllabus which takes up a lot of time. Thank you, Your dedicated viewer.
My sincere review: I have done all this in the past 1.5 years. All the hacks given in the video are good except one. Please dont study or read anything in your working hours. Dont even think about upsc. Or else you will end up screwing both your job as well as the exam, like i did. This is very easier said than done, because if you are passionate then your mind will go to upsc every niw and then. Please control it while you are at work. You have taken decision to prepare with job so please give your job its due importance too. Hope you dont get screwed up like i got! Good luck!
Nikhil Bhardwaj
3 years ago
i dont think ur words appear true in govt jobs cases..
Ramneek singh
2 years ago
yeah may be. i am in private company
I have done my in ECE Branch, which optional subject is better to select for UPSC?
Hi.. i am new to this preparation and i am civil engineering background working preson. Here i wanted to select the option civil engineering subject. my doubt is actually we are dealing with lot of analytical subjects, so we required the scientific calculator for main exam paper. weather we are permitted to take the calculators.
Sir iam preparing for this cse 2017,and I completed graduation BBM form Kakatiya university.i dont like to pursue any PG programs.also I unable to afford any coaching also,even tho iam bringing with un academy allot , iam woking 6 a day as part time job,i watched all your foundation videos .iam unable to select optional for my cse preparation ,sir give me any suggestions to choose optional.. Sir. In some videos you given strategy and planning to finish any subject in 45 days plan,sir which I have follow ..
Vikas Sinha
3 years ago
Dear, Please go through the basic NCERTs from class 6 and 7 then you will be able to identify your subject of interest and like if you love lesson on sociology then you should choose sociology as optional, or if you love geography , political science etc then choose that accordingly. Not Satisfied Yet? Then you should read 11 & 12 NCERTs of PHILOSOPHY along with previous year questions which give you some pure ideas about the subject and what that subject expect from you.. and then comes availability of study material in market in desired language so make rank wise interesting subjects list and after verifying the availability choose one. Still confused then go for either Sociology or Philosophy after reading Ncert and previous question because these have very short syllabus so these can result in more time for other subjects. Have Faith in yourself and Yes you can do it......Best of Luck...
Prashanth Kumar
3 years ago
Thanku sir,very realistic advice,i will try to make sure my self with which I can go through it.
Prashanth Kumar
3 years ago
Sir I have a doubt, that how should I start (sequence) to listen economy lessons provided by Ayussh sir. Sir can you give me PDF link to get syllabus copies for all topics..
  1. GOAL PLAN:Success

  2. How to prepare for UPSC CSE, being a working professional or have 4-6 hours in a day? By By

  3. About me . MBBS, AlIMS Cleared CSE-2013 . Co-founder Unacademy . Loves playing Guitar; Movie Buff . Cleared CSE-2013 Rate and Review . Feedback / doubts / queries Share Follow me on Unacademy

  4. Objective To suggest plans and strategies to individuals preparing for UPSC CSE and are working. To guide aspirants to crack one of the toughest examination in the world without quitting their job

  5. Lessons in the course ' Approach of an aspirant . Comprehensive timetable for UPSC CSE 2017 Effective time management Unacademy to your aid

  6. larget audience . Aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE and working . Students in final year of college and have only 4-6 hours a day Students in final year of college and have only 4-6 hours a day . House wives, preparing for the exam and aiming to strike a balance between household chores and studies . Differently gifted individuals . Anyone doing internships or part time jobs . Aspirants preparing for other UPSC exams like CAPF CDS, CMS, IES etc . State PSC .Other exams like SSC CGL