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Overview of KAS KPSC Course (in Kannada)
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In this overview lesson we will inform what I will be doing in entire course of KAS KPSC exam. We will cover everything from Prelims to mains

Shahed Hashmi
Educator @ Unacademy BE from NIE MYSORE, PGP in Public Policy

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  2. HELLO! I am Shahed hashmi I lost KAS by one marks in Kannada I am educator at Unacademy I work at INSPIRO KAS Bangalore Follow me Hashmi RATE, REVIEW AND RECOMMEND

  3. OVERVIEW OF COURSE .Crash Course for KAS/KPSC 2017 scheduled for 20 August To know about exam please warxh my lesson on How to prepare for KAS" .The course will be bilngual ie content in english ans explantion in both english and kannada .It will Prelims cum mains course I will only cover for KAS art and for topics in KPSC and UPSC you can watch other lesson at Unacadeny

  4. Hisrory OF INDIA refer lessons for UPSC Unacade HISTORY OF KARNATAKA Unit 2: Toward transforming Indian Society : Major schools of thought .Unit 3: From Kadambas to the Hoysalas. Unit 4: The Vijayanagara Empire and thereafter (1336-1799). .Unit 5: Modern Mysore (1799-1947. Unit 6:Freedom Movement in Karnataka and Unification (1885-1956).

  5. GEOGRAPHY OF INDIA refer geo lessons for UPSC 2. GEOGRAPHY OF KARNATAKA -5 Physiogra hic divisions-Climate, Rivers, rainfall distribution, Natural ve9etation and Soil. Agriculture and Agro climatic regions, Major crops, Plantation and commercial crops of Karnataka. Mineral Resources of Karnataka. Sources of Power (Hydro, Thermal, Solar, Nuclear and Wind). Major, Medium and Small Scale industries, Agro based Industries. Trans rtation and Communication Systems in Karnataka. Geogra hic information system 6. Urban Land use Policy and Urbanisation - Demographic features Literacy and Urbanisation. Population Problems and 0licies, Literacy, City classification and urban s heres of influence.rural urban fringe.problems of urban 9rowth. Land use, Town planning, slums and urban housing. Intra and Inter regional trade and the role of rural Market centers

  6. Economy of India refer lessons for UPSC @ Una 3. em ECONOMY OF KARNATAKA . Summary of economic survey of Karnataka-2017

  7. Economy of India refer lessons for UPSC POLITY OF KARNATAKA

  8. I am trying my best to help you.