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Overview (in Hindi)
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Pavan Choudhary
Winner of Clever invention award December 2018, No.1 Educator in MPPSC Category Director Saarthi Education, Youtuber

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dude it's 5:30 in the morning n u hv uploaded this...thanx u so much for ur efforts nd have a grt day ahead
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sir , why mizoram is called molassis basin
sir mp ki geography bhi padhayenge ????
Pavan Choudhary
8 months ago
sir please cover MP through maps...
  1. By: P

  2. Ethics, Aptitude, Attitude and Corruption for MPPSC Paper IV Presented By Pavan Choudhary

  3. India And its Location By: Pavan Choudhary 1-

  4. MPPSC MAINS PARTA TORIC 2.1 Salient features of Indian geograpliy Prelims topic 4(a) 1-

  5. Course Overvien First Course of Indian Geography Important for Prelims and Mains paper 1 Extensively cover all the facts and Figures 1-

  6. Introduction India is located latitudinally in northern hemisphere and longitudinally in the eastern hemisphere Latitudinal expansion: 6 45, North to 377 East to 97.25, east Indira Col: It is the northern part of Saltoro Fountain in Jammu & Kashmir

  7. (Col: a col is a mountain pass which is in semicircular form between two peaks of mountain range In local language it is called La eg. Nathu La 1-

  8. Shape e size Shape of India is not totally triangular but 37 6 INDIA PAKISTAN Quadrangular o East to West 2933 Km CHIN TIBET North to South- 3214 Km Total Area- 32,87,263 sq. K Land Frontier 15,200 Km Coastline 7516.6 Km (includ Lakshadweep and Andaman And Nicoba Island) Mainland coastline 5422.6 Km 2933 Kilometre II Thople er Catcen MYANMA 20 ARABIAN SE A BAY OF BENGAL DMAN SN NDIAN

  9. . Land Frontier touches 17 states of India Coastline touches 13 States and Union Territories Gujarat has longest Coastline 1214.7 Km; Andhra Pradesh - 973.7 Km; Andaman & Nicobar 1962 Km India's standard Meridian - 82 30' E passes through Mirzapur, UP IST- 5 Hr 30 Min ahead of GMT 68 E 822 E 97 E

  10. INDIA States and Union Territories Administrative Composition There are 29 States and 7 Union Territorries Areawise 4 largest States- GHANISTAN KASHMIR PAKISTAN CHINA DELN New Jaipur. Lucknow ASSAM Rajasthan> Madhya Pradesh> Maharashtra> Andhra Pradesh In Area Goa is the smallest State BANGLADESH MANIPUR Agartala Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH MIZORAM BENGAL MYANMAR NAGAR HAVELI Mumbai MAHARASHTRA or ENGAL India ARABIAN SEA PRADESH LEGEND Chennal Internasonal Boundary State Boundary Pot Biai Country Capital State Capital rachem Kavaratti > TAMIL NADU SRI LANKA Map not to Scale Copyright 02015 www r- C E AN

  11. Important Facts Puducherry is the only UT which is spread in Three state Puducherry & Karaikal Yanam Mahe TamilNadu Andhra Pradesh Kerela Maharashtra They were transferred to India o1 Nov.1954 Andhra Pradesh Union territoriale de Goa Poudouch ity Golfe du Bengale Karnataka Mah Poudouch ry Tamil Kerala Nadu Karaikal Sri Lanka Jacques Leclerc 2008

  12. Important Facts Andaman & Nicobar Island -Amerald Island: Main Island - North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman, Little Andaman, Car Nicobar, Little Nicobar and Great Nicobar Capital- Port Blair in South Andaman . The Indira Point- Southern-most point of India located in Great Nicobar The Barren Island which is India's only active Volcano is part of Middle Andaman NI W am Island Volcanicdstand 1- Ten Degree Channel divided Andaman From Nicoban Duncan Pass is between South Andaman and Little Andaman Coco Strait is between Coco Island (Myanmar) and North Andaman

  13. ANDAMAN Coc Islands NICOBAR North Narcondam Sound island Outram Island Andamau Smiith Island Henry Lawrence Island Middlle Middle .www.us4 Barren island John Lawrence Island ox-Barzen Istand Havelock Island Neil Island South Andaman PORT BLAIR North Sentinel South Andaman sland Port Blair Rutland Island Duntan Pass Duncon Passage Little-Andaman Little Andaman o channel o Car Nicebe -. Island Ten Degree Channel Car Nicobar Camorto Little Nicobar-;--Great Nicobar. Littie Nicobar Indira Poi Great Nicobar State Capital sland Map not to Scale Indira Point

  14. Frontiers of India India is situated in South Asia . There are Seven neighbouring Countries of India 17 States of India have shared border with other countries Important Lines: . Redcliff Line: border between-India and Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Mcmahon Line: border between India and China, demarcated by Sin Henry Mcmahon in 1914 Durand Line: it was border between India and Afghanistan, Line decided by Henry Mortimer Durand in 1896

  15. Frontiers of India China: Length: 3488 Km 5 indian states shares its border with China - J& K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh INDIA Political Map AFGHANISTAN' 'Smagar Mend! KASHMIR sEo HIMACHAL alndia Shima PUNJAB PAKISTAN CHINA HARYANA UTTARAKH DELH New Dethi UTTAR PRADESH BHUTAN Jaiput RAJASTHAN Lucknow Shilong Paina BANGLADESHNUR HARKHAND WESTRPURA MRORAM AgartalaAizaw ,Bhopal RanchiBE

  16. Frontiers of India Afghanistan: Length: 106 Km Only 1 Indian state shares its border with Afghanistan -J& K

  17. Frontiers of India Nepal: Length: 1751 Km . 5 Indian states shares its border with Nepal -Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, W. Bengal and Sikkim INDIA Political Map AFGHANISTAN PRADESH PAKISTAN CHINA PUNJAD DELM-New Delhi NEPAL BHUTAN ASON ALAD UTTAR Lucknow Kohima Agartala Azawt Ranchi

  18. Frontiers of India Bhutan : Length: 699 Km o 4 Indian states shares its border with Bhutan - Sikkim, W. Bengal, Assanm and Arunachal Pradesh INDIA Political Map AFGHANISTAN sEo PAKISTAN Caandar. PRADESH CHINA PUNJAD DELM-New Delhi NEPAL BHUTAN ASON ALAD UTTAR Lucknow Kohima lmphal Agartala. A.zawi Bhopal Ranchi BE