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Overview (in Hindi)
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इस अध्याय में कोर्स के बारे में विस्तार पूर्वक जानकारी दी है।

Manish Bishnoi
Success is not a word , it’s a process!! I have a You tube channel-AM Study point I have a great experience of competition exams.

Unacademy user
thanks for ur effort. nice teaching. but pliz do keep in mind that we all are graduates or pursuing graduates here. aise bacho ko padhane ki tarah aap baat na kare. like be more mature when u teach. sorry if it hurts u. but it's my review
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
Don't worry I don't get hurt easily.. however I would request and suggest you to go through the overview lessons of my courses on class 6 n 7..hope u will get ur ans there. Also my course is on summary of these when i teach I don't consider the viewers to be under graduate or post graduate, I try to consider that the viewer is a kid who has no idea of the subject.. and is starting from scratch... and I can happily convey that It's being liked by many because their basics were not clear :) and Thank you for your compliments and criticisms ..i appreciate !!
Arpita Prakash
3 years ago
And yeah, kindly try to understand that the term ' maturity ' is itself subjective... so being less mature for one might mean being more mature for the other :)
@Isaac. Dude. What is your problem? Why are you taking things personally. I am a postgraduate and I have work ex too and there are many more people like me here. I am not getting offended and I am pretty sure no one else is. If you are getting offended, then you are the one being immature. Cheers. Take a chill pill and concentrate on the lessons instead :)
focus on content isaac ali and appreciate the monumentals efforts that must have been going behind such detailed and suttinct notes. Maturity is defined more by substance than by style acc to me. All the best.